• 7 Chakras Wall Hanging


Divine Art Tapestry Wall Hanging Collection 7 Chakras Wall Hanging.

Designed in mind for the healing arts, yoga, reiki, meditation, massage, home, salon, spa...

As a sacred art tapestry wall hanging to enhance a sacred space.

7 Chakras Wall Hanging

The seven chakras or seals are powerful energy centers within the body which represent different levels of consciousness. Chakra means “wheel”; a vortex of vibration, light and energy. A chakra point is where two lines of energy cross. They are located in the astral (light/energy) body.

  • 18" x 26" includes wooden dowling rod.
  • Artist and copyright www.sanatansociety.com Pieter Weltevrede
  • Made in the USA 

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7 Chakras Wall Hanging

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